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Proud cat

Closeup of loot Proud cat

Came across this scene on my way to work. A cat had caught a big magpie, still clinging to life, trying to peck the cat’s cheek. Sadly the cat ran away with the loot before I could get close enough to get a better shot.


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sushi party

sushi partyI was at a sushi party this saturday, lots of food, and I really mean lots. The apple pie in the middle was really delicious. I even helped with frying tempura, and noone died, I would say that was a big success.

June 19, 2006 at 17:30 3 comments

My poor manga…

In preparation of moving I've packed all my manga away, so no more comics to read until my trip to Japan. This is just one of three boxes with manga though. I really have too many that I haven't even read yet. Atleast that will be one of my goals when I get back from Japan next time; to be fluent enough to read all my japanese books. This is also a test on flowing text by images… I still prefer an image right at the start, and all the text beneath. Maybe this would look better for smaller sizes.

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Yay, a new way to post images using the blog-function from within flickr. This time it's a japanese style pringles can… Not quite sure where I was when this was taken though, but somewhere in Japan… Right now I think I prefer a single image for a single blog entry right at the beginning. Not so messy as the last post.

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Remembering Fukuoka

More as a test of putting my images on flickr, then linking to them from my blog, I decided to add an image from fukuoka from a promotion of the Initial D movie.Adding Images like this manually is abit of a pain though, but it helps when you can just cut and paste the html-code from the "All sizes" page of the image. The biggest problem I've had is uploading images to flickr, it seems that it doesn't like me uploading too big images (over 1024×768), as that'll hang the upload… And even resized Images take a long time to upload.

The second image is from the same stage, but this time it's a female impersonation act.

IMG_7465.JPGIMG 7468

I really have to try to find a way to make the layout of the images look better though.

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Moving is bad…

Can't really get motivated to pack stuff yet, so instead I'm procrastinating and starting this blog…ちょっと疲れた。。。

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And so it begins… (again…)

Okey, so my trial runs of blogsystems have reached its second target, WordPress. I wasn't quite happy with, so we'll se how WordPress treats me.


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