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First batch of buns

Finished bunsMy baking bonanza keeps going. Last nights project was making sweet wheat buns. They turned out great. It’s a nice contrast to the bread I made a few days ago, that I wasn’t really happy with. I really need some other hobbies…


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First experiment in bread baking

Finished bread.Just completed my first bread baking experiment. It’s a pretty normal bread based on 1/3 fine wheatflour, 1/3 rye and 1/3 wholewheat flour (I guess those are the english names). I was probably abit impatient and didn’t let it rise enough, so it’s somewhat compact, each loaf is just under 1 kg I think.

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So far, so good!

Yay, I finally got confirmation that I’m somewhat accepted to the Yamasa language school in Japan, atleast they’re sending my papers on to japanese immigration. It should hopefully only be a formality now to get the certificate of eligibility needed for my visa. I still have to wait until august/early september to get that though.

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First attempts at unicycling

DSC_1648.NEF Yesterday a japanese friend tried unicycling for the first time. Got some nice shots from one of the failed attempts.

DSC_1649.NEF DSC_1650.NEF DSC_1651.NEF DSC_1652.NEF DSC_1653.NEF

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Freshly baked crescent rolls

Freshly baked crescent rollsAfter losing my internet connection at home, and watching too much “Yakitate! Japan”, I figured it was time to bake! Being usually incompetent in a kitchen, I was really surprised that my first attempt actually turned out both edible and delicous.

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