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長島スパーランド – Nagashima Spaland

Yay, today we went to Nagashima Spaland (which I had been misreading as Superland). We had planned to arrive at around 3 to be able to get discount prices, but weren’t able to arrive until 4. Going there took abit longer time than we had planned, as we took the train to Nagoya, another train to Kuwana (桑名), then the bus to Nagashima. We got abit shocked when we realized that the rides would end at 5 though. Only three of us wanted to pay the ¥1000 to enter, since we would also have to pay for each ride, so the rest waited outside.

We ended up doing just two rides before they closed, the Ultratwister and the Cork Screw, both were very short, but incredibly good. I’m not really a fan of extreme rollercoasters (they have a big one there that really creeps me out), but I really liked the Ultratwister. It runs in a tube, so you can be turned in all directions (remember to empty all pockets before going in). The drops in it really ripped my guts out, but in a good way. Too bad it was over just as it got started though. The Cork Screw was also great, but the bars were too low so when we were upside down my entire weight was resting on my shoulders while my back was crouched, I’m guessing I’ll be feeling sore shoulders tomorrow…

After the rollercoasters we ate and some of us wanted to go to the onsen-part of Spaland, which was really the highpoint of the day. The place was huge, stylish and the outdoors baths were really nice (for being in a faked out family park atleast).

When leaving we found out that we could take a bus directly to Nagoya station, at about the same price as going through Kuwana, but alot more practical. It still took us 50 minutes though, but we’ll probably use the same bus when going back to Nagashima next time. We stopped for an hour or two at Nagoya and found the Comtech (コムテク) building, which is essentially a 8 story arcade. Hervé was thrilled to have found a DDR-machine while also spending lots of time on the Taiko game.

Sorry there are no pictures, but I left my camera as we entered the rollercoaster-park… won’t make that mistake again…


October 20, 2006 at 17:13 1 comment

Arrival, and then some…

Yay, I’ve finally arrived in Okazaki, Japan for my (hopefully) year of japanese studies. This has really been the reason I put up this blog in the first place. I’ve been here a week now and just getting pretty much adjusted to new surroundings, new friends, new food and a new home, so sorry I took a while to post some news of my arrival here.

Today we had first day of classes, which was a relief. I’ve been feeling abit in limbo before, not knowing what to expect, just going around waiting to start. The teachers were great though, and we are still repeating alot, which I guess is good. We often stumble into words I don’t know, so thats good to pick up so I can fix some knowledge gaps I have. I guess I should really treasure the time we have right now since I’m still very much looking forward to class. I’m guessing that I’ll have a few slumps as we march on.

And in case you were wondering, yes, ofcourse I miss everybody at home! I know a few brave souls will come visit me eventually, so looking forward to that!

Edit: Remember to check my flickr-page for more pictures. I’ll probably be putting up pictures more often than I blog. 

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