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Yes, I have a written test coming up…

ProcrastinationProcrastination…so doing something useful, like studying, is harder than ever. But I have a plan! If I’m going to procrastinate I might as well do it while having freshly bought pastry ready and a new game. Since Rogue Galaxy just had a re-release as a directors cut edition for the playstation 2, I managed to find the old one really cheap, only 550 yen, slighly more than a bowl of ramen. Yay! Oh, and I have a cunning plan to study after I’ve played it just a little bit… People with good vision should notice there are only two croissants in the plastic bag, I just ate one, and it was delicious! Yum!


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Nothing fun going on…

Two layer bike parkingTwo layer bike parkingAck, we had yesterday off, and a whole weekend to play, but they managed to schedule our first big test this semester on monday *sigh* As usual I’m trying to study but end up procrastinating and playing games instead. Okey, enough みんなのテニス for now, back to the books.


Oh, added a few pictures of a random parking lot for bikes I came
across. A bit of a novelty to see bikes stacked in the height like that.

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みんなのテニス (Everyone’s Tennis)

Just bought this game used for my PS2 yesterday, mostly just to get a new multiplayer game. It was 3000 yen, so slightly more expensive than most used games I’ve bough, but it’s been alot of fun so far. The characters are really cute and the whole experience is very japanese. Oh, and if this blog-entry feels like a game ad, make sure you watch the youtube clip I added 😉

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Why Yamasa is fun

Hard LinusComing to school today one of my classmates was dressed as the japanese tv-character Hard Gay. This not being very usual around here it got alot of stares and laughs, and alot of people wanted to pose for pictures with him. The swedes around here do alot of strange stuff, and I wonder if I really want to know what they’ll do next…

Update: Some people couldn’t see the picture without logging in to flickr (I marked it as unsafe), but I guess it’s not that bad… So, if you reeeeeally want to see it, now anyone should be able to.

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A regular lunch…

Udon lunchUdon lunchOkey, I know there are some people at home who want to see more of my everyday life, so here are a few pictures from todays lunch at a local udon-place. My udon also had かきあげ (kakiage/fried vegetables) and えび (ebi/shrip).

And no, it’s not me in the picture 😉

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Go Feisty!

Oh, almost forgot, on the more geeky side: Upgraded my computer to Ubuntu Feisty this weekend (going from Dapper). This means I can finally access my microphone in Linux with Skype and play around with Beryl and Compiz abit. Sadly they don’t support my dual screen setup which means my TV-out won’t work while they’re active. I almost feel like I have a new computer again.

Oh.. the worst thing is my dodgy suspend, it used to only work 50% of attempts tried, but now always fails…. this has been half way broken ever since I got my Dell XPS M1210, and I have no idea how to start debugging something like that. Maybe I’ll try out the open source nvidia drivers later and see if that makes any difference…

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Games are fun…

… especially hack’n’slaughter action games. Not much going on today, or this weekend really, other then spending way too much time on 鬼武者3 (Onimusha 3) that I got for my Japanese Playstation 2 a long while ago. After buying it I only tested it a little bit, but now I’ve gotten abit hooked. Hmm, maybe tomorrow I’ll get some usefull stuff done…

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