The joys of ordering pizza by phone in Japan

April 16, 2007 at 13:58 Leave a comment

Last night, having a few friends over to see a movie, I thought the time had come for ordering pizza. My japanese skills being as they are, and having a fairly proficient friend over, I found it best to let her do the talking this time, and for the time being just peacefully observe how this is done. Having heard from others that ordering pizza over the phone here in Japan can be abit hard, I was abit intimidated by the whole task…

Being stingy, and knowing that ordering pizza over a prepaid phone will double the cost of the pizza, I gave her my computer and let her use my Skype internet phone to call the local Pizza Hut. That turned out to make it the phone call from hell. The network not really being up to it at the moment, the phone got choppy and especially the guy from Pizza Hut could only hear any other word. She was persistant though, spelling out each and every part of my adress, a made up name (I am now mister Yamada) since trying to spell my name to them would be even worse, and then trying to order. For a long time she tried ordering just a cheese pizza, as anything else costs an arm and a leg here, but the guy kept misunderstanding and asking her if she really wanted only seafood on the pizza… in the end she said she’d call him back on another phone and hung up.

She’s was really not happy about the call, and might even have been slightly pissed, as one usually is after having a frustrating experience of not being understood. She wanted to get some food that she’d left at her apartment and told me to make an attempt at calling them myself. Not wanting to use my prepaid phone, and not really wanting to go through the same experience as her, I figured I’d cut my losses and start making some rice in the rice cooker, and later fry up some meat or something. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and I was ready to let my friends back in, but it turned out to be a guy from Pizza Hut. Apparently, in the end, the order went through, and they actually brought the right pizza! Lucky! When she got back, the original caller also got pretty happy when she found out that her call had actually gotten the job done.


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