Go Dragons!

April 20, 2007 at 18:41 2 comments

Yay, yesterday I went to my first baseball game. We travelled to Nagoya to see the Chuunichi Dragons fight it out with the Hanshin Tigers. Being aichi-ken residents we kind of had to root for the home-team which were the Dragons, which turned out to be a fun thing. We arrived at the stadium a little after the game started, running a bit late catching some food in Nagoya, and eventually found the way to our seats. I found that we were on the highest row in the stadium. Not exactly next to the field, but the view was amazing and so was the mood of the crowd. Well, it didn’t really start out that good. In the start of the fifth inning, the Dragons were under by 6 points, they had 1 points and the Tigers 7, so it looked pretty gloomy. Then they suddenly scored 5 points in the same inning, and the crowd started getting really excited.

It also helped the mood trying out the stadium beer, which was the best beer I’ve tasted so far after getting to Japan. As it cost 700 yen for a big cup (hopefully more than half a liter), it’s not something I’m gonna buy alot of though.

Anyway, the Dragons ended up gaining the lead and keeping it until the end, making it a really good game to watch. The crowd was really filled with excitement, and made it really fun to cheer the Dragons on. Before going I was kinda worried it would be boring spending a few hours just sitting around, so I even brought my DS and a few gameboy advances, but the four hours the game lasted flew by. I guess I also didn’t mind all the amazingly cute girls walking around selling popcorn…

After the game most of the crowd from school that had gone left for Okazaki, but a few of us went to Sakae to find an Izakaya (drinking place). We ended up at a good Yakitori (place that serves different styles of fried chicked, though not really Kentucky-style), but we didn’t have a lot of time. We had about one hour from we got there until the last train of the day left for Okazaki, and we had to take the subway before we could get to the train. We ended up running from the yakitori-place to the subway, then from the subway station to the train station… and realized we had to wait 20 minutes to take the last train… which also happened to be a regular train. We usually take the express which take 30 minutes, while the regulars take about 50 minutes. Ended up being home around 1am, which made me slightly sleepy during todays classes…

I will definately see more matches with the Dragons!

(more pictures on flickr)


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Korean food and karaoke The Dragons’ fans chanting at Nagoya Dome

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  • 1. Harald  |  April 21, 2007 at 09:44

    while i know you have a thing for not putting pictures of your friends on he web, i’d just like to say “de levende menneskene glimrer i sitt fravær på bildene”…

  • 2. sproing  |  April 21, 2007 at 12:18

    Hey, I both have the crowd (on flickr) and the popcorn girl, how’s that not alive? Hm, maybe I should put up some video of crowd footage or the pitch…


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