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Japanese Culture Day

Bus with cat girlSo this saturday I woke up, feeling bored, and decided it was time to take a trip to the closest big city, Nagoya. I biked over to a friend and we got on the next train. First stop was Kanayama, virtually in Nagoya, and more practical then Nagoya station if you want to take the subway to the shopping district in Sakae. As my friend hadn’t eaten breakfast yet, we decided to look outside the station. I’ve stopped by Kanayama a bunch of times, but never really investigated the area outside. We ended up discovering a Choko Cro! They have amazing chocolate croissants, so that was a good start. We then took the subway to Kamimaezu, closer to Sakae.

Odin Sphere on displayIn Kamimaezu we started our pilgrimage by visiting the nearby game stores, bookstores and manga shops. I ended up buying my first japanese computer book, 「C#ゲームプログラミング」(C# Game Programming), yes I know it’s a silly title, but the contents didn’t really look that bad. In the game store, after drooling for half an hour, I ended up buying Odin Sphere, which looked really pretty. I’ve also missed playing 2D platformers, so even though it cost more than three times the used games I usually buy, I caved in the end. The graphics are really stylish.

The last place on our trip was a figurine/model/robot/doll shop. I really just tagged along because my friend wanted to check out some robot model kits, but the shop was really amazing. The shop itself was huge, and everything was jam packed with resin figures, robots, do-it-yourself doll kits and stuff i wouldn’t be able to name. For hobbyist model builders (with focus on anime characters or robots), the place was a dream. Too bad I have no skill whatsoever in that area, and still haven’t finished building the Gundam model I got 6 months ago… It’s still cool to see all the displays with beautifully airbrushed resin figures and dolls with handmade clothes though. I will try to take a picture of the name and address of the place next time I visit. Sadly they don’t allow pictures from inside though…

To top off the japanese culture day, I of course had to watch anime copied onto my cellphone on the train back. It’s kinda hard to focus fully on anime when there’s always lots of cute japanese girls on the train though. It’s good to have days when you fully realize how nice it is to be here and remember why you came to Japan.

Oh, and if you wonder about the picture at the top, it’s just a random bus with a cat girl encountered on our trip, fitting well in with the theme of the day, japanese culture.


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